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Walk the impressive
Great Wall of China

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You wouldn’t want to miss
The Forbidden City

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Xi’an, China’s Historic City It's worth a visit

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Xi’an – Famous Terracotta Solders

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Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai

Atlas China Tours - Carefully designed for a family holiday or even group tours:
China is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination probably because of the wide diversity the country has to offer along with a unique unrivaled history. China, a destination that is sure to satisfy the most discerning travelers. If big cities is your thing then Beijing or Shanghai would head the list on most peoples bucket list; those who are slightly more cultural, then the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the Terracotta Army is a must. For a more relaxing tour a Yangtze River Cruise is a popular way to view the delights of China and for the more adventurous, then Tibet in the south west of China would offer everything you need. But of course, most people visiting a country like China would want to fit as much in as possible and experience as much as they can. You are only limited on the amount you see by your imagination and amount of time that you spend in China.

Below you will find a selection of destinations and tours with 'suggested' pre-planned itineraries that's been carefully designed by our experienced Chinese Ground Agent to maximise your time in China with tours that we believe will give you the ultimate experience by visiting as much as possible in the time you have available for your holiday.

5 Day Beijing Standard Tour
Highlights Include
* Tian'anman Square
* Forbidden City
* Great Wall

7 Day Beijing & Xi'an Tour
Highlights Include
* Forbidden City
* Great Wall
* Terracotta Army

8 Day Classic China Tour
Highlights Include
* Beijing
* Xi'an
* Shanghai

15 Day Imperial Tour
Highlights Include
* Beijing * Xi'an *Nanjing
* Suzhou * Hangzhou
* Shanghai

16 Day China & Tibet Tour
Highlights Include
* Beijing * Xi'an * Lhasa
* Shigatse * Guilin
* Shanghai

17 Day Yangtze River Cruise
Highlights Include
* Beijing * Xi'an * Yichang
* Three Gorges * Guilin
* Hongzhou * Shanghai

Hong Kong 7's & Beijing Tour
A mix of a top sporting event
 and a cultural experience
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 
and Beijing Tour

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