Rugby Sevens Tour Blog

We have staff with extensive knowledge when it comes to sports tours having attended most of them. Rugby Sevens Tours has become a massive part of our business and we believe our experience will help you understand what to expect on a Sevens Rugby Tour

What is Rugby Sevens

Originally known as seven-a-side rugby, is a variant of rugby union in which teams are made up of seven players playing 2 x seven minute halves, instead of the usual 15 players playing 40 minute halves. Rugby sevens is an open, fast and very skillful game which originated in Melrose, Scotland in the 1880s; the Melrose Sevens tournament is still played annually. The popularity of rugby sevens increased further with the development of the Hong Kong Sevens in the 1970’s and was later followed by the inclusion of the sport into the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and the establishment of the annual World Rugby Sevens Series in 1999. In 2016, rugby sevens was contested in the Summer Olympics for the first time which has helped in making it a recognised global sporting event.

The World Rugby Sevens Series lasts for around six months and takes in some of the most iconic cities around the world – Starting in Dubai in November and ending in Paris the following May with all the major rugby nations participating in each city.

What is special about a Rugby Sevens Tour

Rugby Union’s tradition was all about camaraderie, fun and enjoyment. It was never just about the game on match day because the social side was just as important to the players and supporters alike. On the advent of professionalism, many believe that rugby sadly lost part of its tradition. Rugby Sevens Tours and the same can be said for British & Irish Lions Tours, where for supporters at least, the old tradition of fun, enjoyment and socialising is still alive and kicking. What you will find is that a Seasoned Tourists will always welcome Newbie Tourists who embrace these traditions; and you usually find that Newbie Tourists becomes Rugby Sevens Seasoned Tourists by attending a Sevens Tournament on an annual basis.     

What can I expect on a Rugby Sevens Tour

I can only comment on our tours and what I will say is that ‘A tour is only as good as the people on tour’ and I can report that we have had fantastic tourists over the years. For the Sevens weekend, you can guarantee fun and partying and the partying can be as hard or as soft as you make it with the only rule is to ‘have fun’. We have had groups of mixed couples, with some of the ladies not actually into rugby but more often than not they quickly do. That said, if you are one of these non rugby enthusiasts’ you can still join in the after match partying. What is also very popular for us is tourist combining the Sevens with a holiday, for instance twinning the Hong Kong Sevens with a beach holiday in Phuket or the Singapore Sevens with a cultural holiday at Angkor Wat. Adding an extension to the Sevens is a very cost effective way of getting value for money from your long haul flight simply because you are in that part of the world anyway. It’s not just Hong Kong or Singapore where it’s cost effective to extend your time away, the same principles can apply for any of our tours. In fact, it is something we specialise in and encourage.