2011 Rugby World Cup - "Roy, It is a pleasure to add to Atlas Group Travel Testimonial page. I can't praise enough the seamless organisation of a 4 week trip and 3600 miles round NZ in a campervan and a Fiji stop off on the way home. Thanks so much Roy it was the holiday of a lifetime to the most fantastic country we have ever been to. All the arrangements were perfect. Rugby fever was high and it was if the whole country was having a party. The people are so friendly and the scenery is spectacular, stunning etc etc. Have attached a few pictures of some of our many photos.

We have no hesitation in recommending Atlas Group Travel and hope to be able to travel with you again. Thanks Atlas and thanks again to you Roy. Regards" - David and Enid Barrett.

2011 Rugby World Cup - "Hi Roy, Sorry it is so late, had to go to SA. We had a great time in NZ. You have to complement the Kiwis on a very well organised WC. The Auckland experience was fantastic, especially with the “Fan-Trail” for which Auckland is ideal. The hotels that Atlas Travel arranged were excellent in location and standard, on the expensive side, but worth it for the occasion. The representative was dead on time and answered all our question thoroughly. The position of the match seats were fine, luckily we only got drenched once! All in all a well organised outing, thank you very much. Kind regards" - Henri.

2011 Rugby World Cup - "We have been on a number of supporters tours with a selection of companies, some very good, others quite poor and most, quite expensive. I realise that you only get what you pay for and a balance of quality along with good value was key for me when choosing who to travel with.We came across Atlas Group Travel via our local rugby club who they themselves have used Atlas on a number of occasions to organise their end of season tours. What I found with Atlas was how they spent time explaining options and giving advise on the best way to try and save money, but not at the expense of quality; their personal service is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends. Thank you Atlas" - Mr C. Rosedale.

2011 Rugby World Cup - "Hi Roy, I just thought I would write to let you know that we have had a fantastic time in NZ and to thank you for your help in making it successful. We are presently in Brunei and will be travelling back to the UK on Tuesday. Just a bit disappointed about the Welsh result yesterday. It would have been a completely different story but for the sending off. I have attached a couple of photos of Val & myself and also the campervan which was great. I am glad we had the 4 berth as it did provide plenty of room compared to the 2 berth versions. We got around both the North and the South Islands and did over 2500 miles in total. Once again thanks and all the best". - Peter Jerman.

2011 Rugby World Cup - "Hi Roy. Thanks for the follow up on my world cup trip - I had a fantastic time and all your organising was spot-on. I've included a photo of me on the way to the Wellington Stadium for the SA v Aus quarter-final. It was a fabulous day, just a pity about the score! Many thanks again". - Sharon.

2011 Rugby World Cup - "Hi Roy. Just responding (belatedly!) to your email. As I said before, we had a fantastic time in new Zealand throughout the seven weeks of the RWC. All the travel and accommodation arrangements you made for us worked like a dream and we really did have the trip of a lifetime. Once again, many thanks for all your care and attention". Sue Richards.